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Running a stall at a local event – case study

Running a stall at a local event – case study

We asked Master Gardener Allen Farren how he went about organising a stand at a local event and why it was so much fun. Allen has been to many local events, and organised one of our very first Master Gardener stands back in May 2010………… 

“Your first one is a learning curve. You need to choose your event well if you can. There needs to be lots of people, preferably families with young children.  This way you can get to the parents through the children. It needs to be a general event, a Summer Fair, Agricultural Show, Party in the Park, Food Shows etc. Events aimed at a specific target, not to do with gardening or food, do not work.

I think it helps to decide why you are there and what you are going to do.

Why are you there? Possibilities:
To find households – ask if they need help at their homes, schools etc. Sign them up there and then.
Promote Garden Organic through Master Gardeners.
Offer advice and growing tips to the general public.
Promote the principles of grow your own and healthy eating.

These are fun events and people are there to enjoy themselves. It was a chance for me to converse on my favorite subject of food and gardening from different angles and at many levels.

My advice is to go you there and enjoy yourself.

Allen’s Top Tips

Allow time to set up.
Make the site attractive, have plants on show, posters etc. Stand back and look at the stall and look for balance and attractiveness.
Do not put the banner up in windy weather. It is fragile. I put it up in Kenilworth and broke it.
If you have not put up a gazebo before, make sure there are two of you.
Have someone in front of the stall to pull people in.
Do not give the impression that you are selling anything which will cost people money.


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