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Seed saving success!

Seed saving success!

Warwickshire Master Gardeners enjoyed a day of learning the how and why of seed saving this weekend. A really interesting day of training was given by Vicki Cooke of the Heritage Seed library, here at Ryton Gardens.

Starting off by learning the biology behind seed production, and knowing when your plant will produce seed – to harvesting lettuce and radish seeds and discovering the benefits of inbreeders and challenges of outbreeders! The good news is our Master Gardeners are now ready to help local residents to save their own seed – save money, and enjoy the rewards in years to come! Anybody can save seed, but start off with the easy vegetables – french beans, peas and tomoatoes. Save your favourite varieties, share with friends and save seed miles too.


Biennial or annual? Important to know your plants life cycle before you save the seed






















Some things our Master Gardeners found out at the course…..

“Leave your tomato seeds on the paper towel when you are drying them – just plant the seeds still attached to the paper in spring”

“Most commercial seeds are produced abroad”

“I’m going to introduce a seed swap”

“I’m going to try saving seed from selected carrots in order to grow more successfully on my allotment”

“I didn’t realise so many things could cross breed”


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Vicki Cooke shows us how to harvest radish seeds




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