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Propagation day – Master Gardener training

Propagation day  – Master Gardener training

Coventry and Warwickshire Master Gardeners enjoyed a great day of winter growing ideas and propagation techniques on Saturday. As usual our lively and enthusaistic volunteers got stuck in sprouting seeds, growing microgreens and making new plants for free.

In addition we also celebrated our newly awarded trophy from Local Food, The Education and Learning award!

The frosty morning began with a session from Anton Rosenfeld, a firm favourite of the Master gardeners. Anton showed us how to produce nutritious seed sprouts cheaply with very little space needed,  with fenugreek, mung beans and green lentils all being top seeds to sprout.


Anton demonstrates how to sprout seeds successfully

We then had a micro session on growing micro greens – salad leaves picked at a very early stage – a quick and easy crop to grow on a windowsill. Anton recommended Haloon as an ideal micro green, a type of Indian cress. The seeds can be purchased very cheaply as a spice from Asian grocers. Everyone was able to sow their own tray of microgreens to take home.

Microgreens on the grow…..

The rest of the day was spent looking at different propagation methods, some in theory, such as grafting and layering, and some in practice. The Master Gardeners were able to try their hand at division, hardwood cutting, softwood cuttings and root cuttings. Everyone went away with armfuls of newly propagated plants, and new skills to pass on to the families and groups they support.

Feedback from the day

“Great day on Saturday.  I really enjoyed it.  The micro sowing was fab with Anton.  On the back of this learning I have today signed up a new household that were really keen to learn this method of growing.  Coincidentally her son has been asked to take in bean sprouts for his cooking lesson next week so he is adamant he is growing his own!!!”

“Without days like yesterday some of our families wouldn’t have the plants we have grown from cuttings, root division etc for nothing, not to mention the advice we can now give!”


Busy propagating

It was also a day of celebration, as the Master Gardeners were presented with the Education and Learning award, from Local Food. And it was a big Happy Birthday to Master Gardener Carla too!

Coventry and Warwickshire Master Gardeners with the Local Food award.

Happy Birthday Carla!

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