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Five ways to wellbeing – get growing!

Five ways to wellbeing – get growing!

What are the Five ways to wellbeing?

The Five Ways to Well-being are a set of actions which promote people’s wellbeing. They are: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. These activities are simple things individuals can do in their everyday lives.

The Five Ways have been used by health organisations, schools and community projects across the UK and around the world to help people take action to improve their wellbeing.

Warwickshire Public Health are promoting these positive actions to increase health and wellbeing in the county

Can food growing help?

Here at Garden Organic we think that you can reach all five ways to wellbeing through growing, especially with schemes such as the Master Gardener programme.

1) Connect with other people around you. Growing is  a great way to achieve this, either down at your allotment or community garden. Or get in touch with your local Master Gardener. Participants involved in the Master Gardener programme felt they had more quality conversations  and increased social contact around their shared interest of food growing. Another reported, “Once I started growing vegetables a neighbor I had never really talked to asked me how to grow tomatoes!”.

2) Be active – growing food gets  you outside into the garden and spending more time being active – digging, weeding, hoeing are all great exercise. 67% of mentored growers in the Master Gardener programme ended up spending more time growing food, and over three quarters of those spent more than one hour in the garden every week.

3) Take notice – once you start growing food you need to be observant to notice when seeds germinate, when a plant needs watering or is ready to harvest.  Noticing the changing seasons and weather becomes more important. One new grower observed, “growing has given me something to get my teeth into, so it was very satisfying and gave me something positive to focus on.”

4) Keep learning – the learning never ends when it comes to gardening. There is always a new crop to try out, and new challenge to overcome and more to learn. The Master Gardener programme offers ongoing horticultural training to volunteers and new growers benefit from this cascade of knowledge.  Warwickshire residents can contact their local Master Gardener to start learning how to grow their own fruit and vegetables today.

5) Give – volunteering your time and knowledge to help another person can be hugely rewarding. Master Gardeners offer around 30 hours of volunteering each year and in turn are offered ongoing support and resources to help other grow food. If you’d like to become a Master Gardener – we’d love to hear from you

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