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Dunchurch Infant School’s Big Feast

Dunchurch Infant School’s Big Feast


Friday the 5th July was the first lunch time feast for the schools garden club. The gardening club was only formed earlier this year and the children have been busy sowing and planting a wide range of vegetables and Friday was the chance for all 24 children that have been involved to celebrate their hard but enjoyable work in the garden. The menu included peas and broad beans that actually did not make the cooking pot and they all sat around the growing beds and eat them straight from the pods. Then in the dining hall they enjoyed boiled new potatoes with a side dish of lettuce. All grown in the garden.


In attendance were John & Sandy Young Master Gardeners and Lee Rose Jordan and willing parents and teachers who have been involved.




Dunchurch infants enjoy eating the harvest.


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Seed saving success!

Seed saving success!

Warwickshire Master Gardeners enjoyed a day of learning the how and why of seed saving this weekend. A really interesting day of training was given by Vicki Cooke of the Heritage Seed library, here at Ryton Gardens.

Starting off by learning the biology behind seed production, and knowing when your plant will produce seed – to harvesting lettuce and radish seeds and discovering the benefits of inbreeders and challenges of outbreeders! The good news is our Master Gardeners are now ready to help local residents to save their own seed – save money, and enjoy the rewards in years to come! Anybody can save seed, but start off with the easy vegetables – french beans, peas and tomoatoes. Save your favourite varieties, share with friends and save seed miles too.


Biennial or annual? Important to know your plants life cycle before you save the seed






















Some things our Master Gardeners found out at the course…..

“Leave your tomato seeds on the paper towel when you are drying them – just plant the seeds still attached to the paper in spring”

“Most commercial seeds are produced abroad”

“I’m going to introduce a seed swap”

“I’m going to try saving seed from selected carrots in order to grow more successfully on my allotment”

“I didn’t realise so many things could cross breed”


Find out more about the Heritage Seed Library.

Read about local Master Gardener case studies.

Become a Master Gardener in Spring 2013

Vicki Cooke shows us how to harvest radish seeds




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School children visit Kenilworth allotment

School children visit Kenilworth allotment

This visit by 17 children and 8 adults from St Johns primary school to Ted Hatwood’s allotment was very successful. The children had a good look at the allotments, then visited Ted’s plot to see what was growing.

Ted showed them all the different types of fruit and veg that were coming up for harvesting. They looked at which part of each species was for eating, which provoked lots of questions!!

They had a chance to eat beans, carrots, spring onions and lettuce. They also had a competition to guess how many potatoes could come off one plant. The three nearest guesses each got prizes of a packet of seeds.

At the end of the visit everyone took home a lettuce and a few other crops to be cooked in the school kitchen!

The children had a fantastic time, having had a great experience touching and tasting food straight from the ground!

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A plaster for a plant

A plaster for a plant

I recently spent a splendid afternoon walking between my householders houses on a regal tour of inspection a, ‘stand by your plants’ approach. Some weird things going on but great enthusiasm and success. The wine and cider forced on at each house added to a positive atmosphere but made the walk back a bit wobbly!

Recently I spent 10 days working in the USA, to prove it’s not totally populated by supersize me fast food freaks I attach 2 pictures of a gardening project I happened to walk by.

And so to plasters, one of me householders repaired a broken tomato using a plaster, he did say he kissed it better first!

A gardening project in the USA I happened to walk by.

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Rugby Farmers Market Thursday 28th April

Despite a cool start it turned out to be a good day with lots of Gardening interest. John & Sandy were joined by Paul from Dunchurch. We signed up 2 new householders and Paul signed up a new householder from Dunchurch.We offer advise on composting and gardening but we also get good information. A lady told us to use Coriander to spice up Chicken & Mayo sandwiches. Which we cant wait to try.

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Royal Wedding Street party goes green!

Kids and adults at a Royal Wedding street party enjoyed all the fun of going green and planting with tomato seeds, pepper plants and coriander today. The event was really fun and enjoyable and around 30 people benefited from the Ryton Garden’s Master Gardener Programme.

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My first household 3

You have some herbs from last year so you decide to pot them on; my large friend has a good idea. This is encouraging!
There was one problem; pot them on but don’t water them. Why you ask; ‘because it was going to rain!’ Thankfully plants, being organisms that like to hang onto life, they’re apparently showing signs of life since I advised watering.
On a positive note, we’ve identified where the beetroot was planted, the onion sets are escaping from their burial and my large friend is avoiding digging up the early potatoes to discover if they’re still alive.
We make progress and have fun – off for another cider.

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Get Set Grow

Get Set Grow

Sandy & John (Master Gardeners)had a very enjoyable day at Ryton on Sunday at the Get Set Grow event. It was very well visited with lots of families. We had 2 of our householders visit and they were impressed with the tour of the gardens capping the visit to the marque.

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My first household 2

So a visit to the site. A 6 x6 ft plot surrounded in wood on 3 sides. Potatoes planted east-west, onion sets north-south. Onion sets buried like potatoes. Potatoes buried with chits downwards because they look like roots! The 99p seeds from the 99p shop scattered in borders.
A growing success will be sweet.

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My first household

My local pub, my first household, my large friend with an overgrown garden wants to grow things. Buys onion sets and some seeds from a 99p store has a few beers and then a few more, decides to plant seeds. The outcome; wakes up in the morning and can’t remember what he’s planted where. The positives he’s planted something; the negatives, I now have to show I actually do have some plant recognition skills. Another cider calls!

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